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Midgard Skills
Skill Name Type Description
Run Movement +.2% run speed/Level

+20% run speed at Level 10

-.5% stamina drain/Level

-50% stamina drain at Level 100 (max Level)

Jump Movement +1% jump height/level

100% increased jump height at level 100

Swim Movement 0.6% stamina drain

-60% stamina drain at level 100

Sneak Movement -.33% stamina cost while sneaking/Level

-33% stamina drain at Level 100 (max Level)Noise reduction with each Level

Pickaxes Gathering
Woodcutting Gathering
Axes Combat
Bows Combat
Clubs Combat
Knives Combat
Polearms Combat
Spears Combat
Swords Combat
Fists Combat
Blocking Combat
Salvage Crafting Salvage returns 20% + 0.2% per skill level (20% at level 100) of item resources.
Crafting Crafting Increases stats of the item when crafted.
Cartography Misc
Fitness Health
Jewelcrafting Crafting
Packhorse Misc
Vitality Health
Tenacity Health
Evasion Movement
Lumberjacking Gathering
Farming Gathering
Sailing Misc
Cooking Crafting
Ranching Crafting
Dual Knives Combat
Dual Swords Combat
Dual Clubs Combat
Dual Axes Combat
Building Crafting
Wagons Movement
Riding Movement
Alchemy Crafting
Crossbows Combat
Mining Gathering
Fermenting Crafting