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Midgard Ship Overhaul & Harbor(Höfn) Mod, Third implemented version:

Thanks to SmoothBrain for nice Sailing skill!

Thanks to OdinPlus team for great ship models!


  • 12 customized ships.
  • All ships have unique HP, Resistances, Speed, Cargo room and Requirements to use them properly.
  • Advanced ships need now the Höfn (Harbor) workbench for building.
  • Ships can be only repaired at the workstation they are built on (No more repairing spam on the seas).
  • More paddling players = more speed.
  • All ships are returning materials on destruction or disbanding.
  • Adding overweight behavior on later updates...
  • Paddle, Half Sails and Full Sails values are Sailing Skill requirements

General Changes:

  • Exploration Radius is doubled at 100 Sailing skill


  • Is required for more advanced ship building.
  • Recipe is a secret.


Small boats:

Small Raft

When there is absolutely nothing else

Small Raft Paddle Requirement = 0.0

Small Raft Half Sails Requirement = 2.0

Small Raft Full Sails Requirement = 4.0

Small Raft Speed = Random and good luck always helps

Small Raft Durability = Sometimes it doesn't sink

Small Raft Resistances:

Below Average

Fishing Canoe

Good for relaxing...and fishing

Fishing Canoe Paddle Requirement = 2.0

Fishing Canoe Half Sails Requirement = 4.0

Fishing Canoe Full Sails Requirement = 8.0

Fishing Canoe Speed = Slooow

Fishing Canoe Durability = Very Weak

Fishing Canoe Resistances:


Fishing Boat

Your first craft with sail!

Fishing Boat Paddle Requirement = 0.0

Fishing Boat Half Sails Requirement = 0.0

Fishing Boat Full Sails Requirement = 7.0

Fishing Boat Speed = Below Average

Fishing Boat Durability = Weak

Fishing Boat Resistances:


Small Longships:


Special edition Karvi, mostly used for exploration and scouting due to it's fast speed but weak hull

Huskarl Paddle Requirement = 0

Huskarl Half Sails Requirement = 10

Huskarl Full Sails Requirement = 20

Huskarl Speed = Very Fast

Huskarl Durability = Weak

Huskarl Resistances:



Mediocre at everything, because of that it is a good all around ship

Karvi Paddle Requirement = 5

Karvi Half Sails Requirement = 15

Karvi Full Sails Requirement = 30

Karvi Speed = Below Average

Karvi Durability = Average

Karvi Resistances:


Karvi II

Improved model of Karvi, decent for any job

Karvi II Paddle Requirement = 15

Karvi II Half Sails Requirement = 30

Karvi II Full Sails Requirement = 45

Karvi II Speed = Fast

Karvi II Durability = Above Average

Karvi II Resistances:

Above Average

Dragon-ships & Longships:


Fast front line attack ship

Snekkja Paddle Requirement = 20

Snekkja Half Sails Requirement = 40

Snekkja Full Sails Requirement = 60

Snekkja Speed = Very Fast

Snekkja Durability = Average

Snekkja Resistances:



Legendary warship with hardened hull, usually carrying raiding party

Drakkar Paddle Requirement = 30

Drakkar Half Sails Requirement = 50

Drakkar Full Sails Requirement = 75

Drakkar Speed = Above Average

Drakkar Durability = Good

Drakkar Resistances:



Made for carrying reinforcements to large battles, hull is designed to take almost any beating

Skuldelev Paddle Requirement = 50

Skuldelev Half Sails Requirement = 75

Skuldelev Full Sails Requirement = 100

Skuldelev Speed = Average

Skuldelev Durability = Tough

Skuldelev Resistances:


Cargo Transports & Merchant ships:


Light freight-carrying merchant ship, made for escaping almost any ship

Busse Paddle Requirement = 25

Busse Half Sails Requirement = 35

Busse Full Sails Requirement = 55

Busse Speed = Fast

Busse Durability = Below Average

Busse Resistances:



Medium freight-carrying merchant ship with lots of cargo space and strong hull

Byrding Paddle Requirement = 40

Byrding Half Sails Requirement = 55

Byrding Full Sails Requirement = 80

Byrding Speed = Average

Byrding Durability = Average

Byrding Resistances:



When you need to haul massive or heavy cargo, or just prepare to take alot of hits and damage

Heavy freight-carrying merchant ship

Knarr Paddle Requirement = 60

Knarr Half Sails Requirement = 80

Knarr Full Sails Requirement = 100

Knarr Speed = Slow

Knarr Durability = Tough

Knarr Resistances: