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Key Function Description Extra
F2 Client stats Shows all kinds of info about connection and client. FPS, ping and instance count for example
F9 HD sky config panel Shows a panel where you can select different sky image and adjust some fog settings
. Auto store to near chests Store all inventory items to near chests, if chest already have at least 1 item of that type in Range 25m
B Build camera Set build camera mode (Short fly mode) when you have a hammer equipped Max Range 25m
CTRL Dive mode Enable dive mode on water
DEL Trash item Will trash dragged item (Doesn't ask confirmation!)
G Quick bow/arrow type Next arrow type, will also equip your best if not equipped
Q Kick This kick is working even when weapon is equipped
TAB Pin descriptions Will show all pins when large map view is on
U Build undo U = Undo your last build (Will undo also last destroyed piece).
V and/or Axis modifier key Build mode piece rotate reset Reset certain axis on build mode
LCTRL / LALT + Mouse 1 UI Moving Quick move of inventory panels, LALT + Drag for most, LCTRL + Drag for chest panel
LALT, LSHIFT, LCTRL + Mouse scroll Build mode piece rotate Will rotate any build piece on 3 axises in build mode
Mouse scroll on craft panel Page change on craft panel Change page on filtered item category, All, Weapons, Armors and so on...
Mouse middle button Set default shield Set default equipped shield when equipping one-handed weapon on inventory
RCTRL Snap point change Change snap points on build mode
CAPS LOCK Other snap point change Change snap points on build mode