Creature and Boss modifications

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Creature star colors

Creatures can spawn with differently colored stars, if you want to. Each color tweaks the creature in a different way:

Star magenta.png

Magenta - Quick - Moves faster

40% increased movement speed

Star red.png

Red - Aggressive - Attacks faster and tries to hit you more often

Attack speed increased by 25%, interval between two attack waves and circle time reduced by 50%, interval between circles increased by 150%

Star green.png

Green - Regenerating - Regenerates health over time

BaseHeal = Health at 0 stars * (1 + 0.25 * stars), Healing = BaseHeal * (10 * log(max(10, BaseHeal - 1000)) / (BaseHeal + 1000)) * 1.2 / second

Star cyan.png

Cyan - Curious - Comes checking for you from a farther distance

Hear and view range increased by 100%

Star white.png

White - Splitting - Splits in two lower level enemies with the same color upon death

Example: A 4 star Greydwarf will split into two 2 star Greydwarfs on death

Star blue.png

Blue - Armored - Takes less damage, but moves slower

66% less damage taken, 50% reduced movement speed

Creature elemental infusions

Creatures can spawn with different elemental infusions, if you want to. Each infusion adds elemental effects to the creature:

Fire-Infused - Resistant to fire damage and vulnerable to frost damage. Ignites you on hit.

Frost-Infused - Resistant to frost damage and vulnerable to fire damage. Freezes you on hit.

Lightning-Infused - Resistant to lightning damage and vulnerable to spirit damage. Deals lightning damage.

Spirit-Infused - Resistant to spirit damage and vulnerable to lightning damage. Heals itself on hits.

Poison-Infused - Immune to poison damage. Explodes in a poison cloud on death.

Chaos-Infused - One of the other infusions, randomly selected on each hit.


Reflective - Dealing direct damage to the boss will deal damage to you as well

Shielded - Takes 50% reduced damage from arrows

Mending - Regenerates health over time more quickly

Summoner - Summons strong creatures every 33% of maximum health lost

Elementalist - Deals 20% increased elemental damage

Enraged - Deals 20% increased physical damage

Twin - Spawns a second boss. The boss and its twin boss have 25% less health and damage and have shared health.