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This is a website for Midgard Valheim server


Midgard Graphics Mod December 2nd 2022 by Ravenis

Midgard Texture Loader and Tuner

-Custom shader making models smoother and removes imo over pixelated style:
-Support for HD textures.
-Can export all textures from Valheim.
-Can import custom textures to Valheim, without any limit of texture size (can be even 8k if you like, and your memory capacity allows).
-Uses HDR color mode ARGB32 by default.
-Uses Trilinear filtering by default, and removes lego pixels (can be changed to bilinear or back to point pixelated filtering).


Midgard Music December 2nd 2022 by Ravenis

Midgard REAL Viking themed music

-Unique, handpicked, and carefully listened music for almost all situations.
-Many different choices game to pick for different zones and events.
-Music is composed by real viking bands and vocalists (No Hollywood over dramatic bullshit).


Midgard Anti-Cheat System is ready and only crafting skill to code November 30th 2022 by Ravenis

Midgard Anti-Cheat System

-Mod enforcing with MD5 hashing, this one makes sure that all players are using same mods nothing extra or nothing missing, also same versions of the mods.
-Some checks for cheat systems, like godmode, debugmode, flymode also checks OP damage and such...
-Allows admins to bypass all checks.
-Universal Mod config syncing.

Midgard Crafting System
This system makes sure that crafting matter, also market and trading does have meaning.
When items are wearing out, crafting skill is important since one of the stats it raises, is durability.

-All items are unrepairable and will be destroyed when durability hits 0
-Crafting skill affects to item durability, armor rating, damage, blocking and so on. also gives weight reduction for them. -Gives extra upgrades for items at certain skill levels.
-Gives extra level for workstations at certain skill levels.


Midgard Ship Overhaul November 27th 2022 by Ravenis

Midgard Ship Overhaul & Harbor(Höfn) Mod, Third implemented version:
Thanks to SmoothBrain for nice Sailing skill!
Thanks to OdinPlus team for great ship models!

-12 customized ships.
-All ships have unique HP, Resistances, Speed, Cargo room and Requirements to use them properly.
-Advanced ships need now the Höfn (Harbor) workbench for building.
-Ships can be only repaired at the workstation they are built on (No more repairing spam on the seas).
-More paddling players = more speed.
-All ships are returning materials on destruction or disbanding.

-Adding overweight behavior on later updates...

Paddle, Half Sails and Full Sails values are Sailing Skill requirements

General Changes:
Exploration Radius is doubled at 100 Sailing skill

Is required for more advanced ship building.
Recipe is a secret.


Small boats:

Small Raft
When there is absolutely nothing else
Small Raft Paddle Requirement = 0.0
Small Raft Half Sails Requirement = 2.0
Small Raft Full Sails Requirement = 4.0
Small Raft Speed = Random and good luck always helps
Small Raft Durability = Sometimes it doesn't sink
Small Raft Resistances:
Below Average

Fishing Canoe
Good for relaxing...and fishing
Fishing Canoe Paddle Requirement = 2.0
Fishing Canoe Half Sails Requirement = 4.0
Fishing Canoe Full Sails Requirement = 8.0
Fishing Canoe Speed = Slooow
Fishing Canoe Durability = Very Weak
Fishing Canoe Resistances:

Fishing Boat
Your first craft with sail!
Fishing Boat Paddle Requirement = 0.0
Fishing Boat Half Sails Requirement = 0.0
Fishing Boat Full Sails Requirement = 7.0
Fishing Boat Speed = Below Average
Fishing Boat Durability = Weak
Fishing Boat Resistances:

Small Longships:

Special edition Karvi, mostly used for exploration and scouting due to it's fast speed but weak hull
Huskarl Paddle Requirement = 0
Huskarl Half Sails Requirement = 10
Huskarl Full Sails Requirement = 20
Huskarl Speed = Very Fast
Huskarl Durability = Weak
Huskarl Resistances:

Mediocre at everything, because of that it is a good all around ship
Karvi Paddle Requirement = 5
Karvi Half Sails Requirement = 15
Karvi Full Sails Requirement = 30
Karvi Speed = Below Average
Karvi Durability = Average
Karvi Resistances:

Karvi II
Improved model of Karvi, decent for any job
Karvi II Paddle Requirement = 15
Karvi II Half Sails Requirement = 30
Karvi II Full Sails Requirement = 45
Karvi II Speed = Fast
Karvi II Durability = Above Average
Karvi II Resistances:
Above Average

Dragon-ships & Longships:

Fast front line attack ship
Snekkja Paddle Requirement = 20
Snekkja Half Sails Requirement = 40
Snekkja Full Sails Requirement = 60
Snekkja Speed = Very Fast
Snekkja Durability = Average
Snekkja Resistances:

Legendary warship with hardened hull, usually carrying raiding party
Drakkar Paddle Requirement = 30
Drakkar Half Sails Requirement = 50
Drakkar Full Sails Requirement = 75
Drakkar Speed = Above Average
Drakkar Durability = Good
Drakkar Resistances:

Made for carrying reinforcements to large battles, hull is designed to take almost any beating
Skuldelev Paddle Requirement = 50
Skuldelev Half Sails Requirement = 75
Skuldelev Full Sails Requirement = 100
Skuldelev Speed = Average
Skuldelev Durability = Tough
Skuldelev Resistances:

Cargo Transports & Merchant ships:

Light freight-carrying merchant ship, made for escaping almost any ship
Busse Paddle Requirement = 25
Busse Half Sails Requirement = 35
Busse Full Sails Requirement = 55
Busse Speed = Fast
Busse Durability = Below Average
Busse Resistances:
Medium freight-carrying merchant ship with lots of cargo space and strong hull
Byrding Paddle Requirement = 40
Byrding Half Sails Requirement = 55
Byrding Full Sails Requirement = 80
Byrding Speed = Average
Byrding Durability = Average
Byrding Resistances:

When you need to haul massive or heavy cargo, or just prepare to take alot of hits and damage
Heavy freight-carrying merchant ship
Knarr Paddle Requirement = 60
Knarr Half Sails Requirement = 80
Knarr Full Sails Requirement = 100
Knarr Speed = Slow
Knarr Durability = Tough
Knarr Resistances:


Midgard October 17th 2022 by Ravenis

Server difficulty will be hard, and for Valheim vets, co-op playing and just players who seek challences.
All vanilla biobes are included + Mistlands, Deep North and Ashlands + Custom Biomes. All populaled and scripted.
Huge amount of QoL, custom monsters, bosses, items, ships and build pieces.
Using mods on ThunderStore and mods coded just for this server.
PvP zones offering better loot, but risk of getting killed by other player.
Many other mechanics and systems. Information about these will be included to this page later.
Please joing the discord too!:Midgard discord

The name “Midgard” (“Middle Enclosure”) has a double meaning.
The first meaning of the word refers to civilization’s position
“in the middle of” an otherwise wild world, which is reflected
on the cosmological plane by Midgard’s being surrounded by the
uninhabited wilderness of Jotunheim, the world of the
often-hostile giants. This is akin to the way in which the
continents are surrounded by the ocean, which is, in the ancient
Germanic perspective, also teeming with giants. The serpent
Jormungand lives in the sea and encircles the terrestrial
Midgard and the wilderness at its borders, and Aegir and Ran
dwell in the same watery depths and claim the lives of
unfortunate seafarers. You might call this part of the word’s
meaning “horizontal.” The second and “vertical” sense of the
word’s meaning refers to Midgard’s position below Asgard, the
world of the Aesir gods and goddesses, and above the underworld.
This vertical axis is represented by the world-tree Yggdrasil,
which holds Asgard in its upper branches, Midgard at the base of
its trunk, and the underworld amongst its roots.

Both of these senses of the word’s meaning ultimately refer to
Midgard’s place in the psychogeographical distinction between
the innangard and utangard, one of the most important concepts
in the ancient Germanic worldview. That which is innangard
(“inside the fence”) is orderly, law-abiding, and civilized,
while that which is utangard (“beyond the fence”) is chaotic,
anarchic, and wild. This applies both to the geographical plane
and the human psyche; thoughts and actions can be innangard or
utangard just as readily as spatial locations. Asgard, the
“Enclosure of the Aesir,” is the divine model of the innangard,
while Jotunheim, the “Homeland of the Giants,” is the model of
the utangard. Midgard is, once again, somewhere in the middle.
But, as the -gard element in the name implies, Midgard is – at
least in theory – striving to be more like Asgard, more ordered
according to the divine model upon which it’s patterned.

When the gods gave the world its initial shape, they slew the
giant Ymir and created the various part of the world from his
body parts. In order to protect Midgard and humanity from the
giants, they built a fence around Midgard out of Ymir’s
eyebrows. Building fences around farms repeated this
paradigmatic act, marking off that which was within the fences
as innangard and that which was outside the fences as utangard.


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